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          We are on a mission to build a world
          where people can always rely on
          the machines that matter.


          Machine Health is
          Factory Health

          Harness the power of AI with the industry's most advanced machine health insights to improve overall equipment effectiveness (OEE), reduce unplanned downtime, and increase plant productivity.

          Machine Health is
          Business Health

          With virtually every industry facing mounting pressure to do more with less, AI-based machine health provides unprecedented competitive advantage to help you decrease costs and increase operational agility.

          Machine Health is Digital

          Lead the charge of your company's digital transformation with real-time visibility into machine health and performance needed to quickly adapt to dynamic market demands.

          Transition to Digital Machine Health,
          Performance and Productivity

          • Are you still Preventive or Reactive?

            You will not evolve your business without evolving your machine health approach. Augury can help you leapfrog decades into a digital future.

          • Prescriptive Machine Diagnostics

            Eliminate downtime, costs and surprises by knowing exactly when to fix, what to fix and how to fix it.

          • Digital Machine Health

            Elevate plant OEE & optimize asset care with AI-based, continuous asset monitoring & diagnostics.

          • Digital Machine Performance

            Optimize production outcomes and flexibility with integrated diagnostics & performance analysis.

          • Digital Machine Productivity

            Combine machine health, operational and business insights to make machines, people and processes more productive across your organization.

          Monitoring a Fast-Growing Machine Ecosystem

          • 3,000+

            Machines Saved

          • 70,000+

            Machines Monitored

          • 7,000+

            Failures Avoided

          Insights into Machine Health

          Uncover Machine Health Blindspots with Augury

          Augury’s end-to-end solutions provide industry leaders with early, actionable and comprehensive insights into machine health and performance. Get early warning of developing machine issues. Know exactly what is wrong at the component level, what is the root cause and which corrective action to take.

          • Leading Wireless Sensors

            Leading Wireless Sensors

            Wireless vibration, temperature, and magnetic sensors monitor your machines 24/7 and securely transmit mechanical data to the cloud.

          • Artificial Intelligence

            Artificial Intelligence

            Algorithms compare unique machine signals to thousands of signatures within the world's largest malfunction dictionary to detect anomalies, predict malfunctions, and provide actionable alerts.

          • Solution that Scales

            Solution that Scales

            A single source of truth for machine health and performance enables your entire organization to become more agile technologically and culturally in light of changing demand and need to grow.

          "It was only a week after Augury went live that we were already seeing benefits. All the issues that had hindered our equipment and causing downtime were brought to our attention. We immediately went to work tackling the most critical issues on the most critical machines."

          Brian RichmondMaintenance Manager, Roseburg Forest Products

          "Augury isn’t a program. Programs end. Augury is a culture. And this culture is saving downtime, money, and negative environmental impact."

          Bill HollmanCorporate Operations Manager, NEFCO

          “If there’s an Augury alarm, there’s definitely something there, so we should find it before it finds us.”

          Technical Line LeaderFortune 500 CPG Company


          Peace of Mind, Delivered.

          Transform your business with Augury.

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